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Hedge-laying Work Parties Winter 2014 / 15


December 06 & 07
January 10 & 11
February 07 & 08
March 07 & 08

This winter's hedge-laying programme was based at Arddleen. C&RT volunteers had laid a length of hedge here the previous winter and the plan was to continue this work. The hedge began at the surviving abutment of the original bridge, just south of the new road alignment and ran southwards towards Burgedin. The work parties were organised and run in collaboration with C&RT this year and we are grateful for their support. The conditions and slopes were easier than in recent years so progress was good.

We adopted our usual approach of concentrating solely on preparation at the first work party without actually laying any hedge. We were laying next to a canal in water for the first time which limited the options for our customary bonfire so we disposed of some of the brash using a chipper. The laying of the hedge began in January and we completed about 140 metres during the weekend, working both sides of the 40 m that C&RT laid last year. With the delays to the newt licence preventing a return to the restoration in March, the hedge-laying season was extended by a month and so we had another full cycle of preparation in February and laying in March. By the end, there was about a continuous length of about 350 m of laid hedge, an impressive sight and our best effort by far in a winter.


DSC00333 448
The scene from the new road bridge

DSC00643 448
Completed hedge
DSC00349 448
Piles of wood chippings
IMG 20141206 195335720 448
The usual good behaviour at the December 'do'.
Thanks to John B for his photo's
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