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Hedge-laying Work Parties Winter 2013 / 14


December 07 & 08
January 11 & 12
February 01 & 02

Once again, our winter hedge-laying programme was based at Schoolhouse Bridge, between Crickheath and Pant. This was the third year running that we were based here, each time working north from hedge that we had laid previously. It was also the third year that we adopted the approach of concentrating solely on preparation at the first work party without actually laying any hedge. The preparation began on Friday with a chainsaw gang on site to make a start on a 'hedge' that was long overdue for maintenance. This gave them a head-start before the full gang arrived to attack the smaller stuff. The result was a lot of firewood but also a lot of brash that made a very large bonfire. Another result was a lot more light getting to the canal as the hedge-line here is some height above the towpath.

The laying of the hedge began in January and we completed over 100 m during the weekend. February's work was a mix of completing the laying and planting whips. These were necessary because the hedge had not been maintained for decades and should make the job much easier the next time it is laid ..


DSC07849r DSC07851r
Before we started
DSC07911r DSC07921r
Clearing out underway
"Beatings will continue until morale improves"
The AVM receiving treatment from his batman for an attack of cramp,
probably caused by not having had a G+T since breakfast
Picture 005r Picture 009r
Progressing northwards
DSC08219r DSC08230r
Finishing off
Thanks to John B for his photo's
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