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Hedge-laying & Restoration Work Party Report - January 2011

January 15 & 16


With the December work party having to be cancelled due to the snow and arctic temperatures, everyone turned up full of enthusiasm to try to catch up. This winter there are two priorities; to continue with the hedge-laying and hopefully finish the whole of this section and to progress the channel profiling to keep in line with the plan. The weather over the weekend was not the best, although the rain wasn't as hard as predicted, but progress was excellent on both counts.

The hedge-laying progressed well over the weekend, with the chainsaw gang getting all the remaining large trees earmarked for felling down and cleared up. Meanwhile, the rest of the team worked to clear the brash and to carry on the process of laying from where they finished last year. The rain on Sunday didn't prevent a bonfire to start burning the brash along with the remainder of the big tree stumps dug out last winter from the canal bed.

Down at the other end of the section near to Pryces Bridge, the profiling of the canal bed continued. With the rain causing the bed of the canal to turn to soup when run on with the tracked vehicles, care was taken to reduce the amount of movement to a minimum which worked and allowed a 40 metre section of the bottom of the channel to be dug out. Next month, this will allow the sides to be rough shaped and the French Drain extended. Progress was so good, the channel was marked out through the soil tip area. This has ensured that we are now tipping soil in exactly the correct place to build up the bank ready for shaping. The second digger was utilised to level the soil brought in from the excavations to make sure that it is compacted in an even manner to reduce subsidence later, particularly on the actual bank.


Bonfire Hedging
The bonfire gets going The hedge progresses
Mud Bed
The mud deepens The bridge recedes
Last Time Next Month

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