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Hedge-laying & Restoration Work Party Report - January 2010

January 30 & 31


After weeks of snow and freezing temperatures, the weather gave way to winter sunshine, punctuated by the odd flurry of snow. Despite this a good turnout of volunteers meant that good progress was made.

Hedge-laying continued at a rapid pace, and by the end of the weekend less than 90 metres of hedge remained untouched. Now that much of the hedge has been relaid, the change in the canal is now very noticeable compared to a year ago. Whereas before the canal felt quite enclosed and somewhat hidden away, the relaying of the hedge opens up the views to the surrounding countryside, making the canal feel more like part of its environment.

As the hedge-laying created more brash, an enlarged team worked on creating two bonfires to remove it, along with the brash left over from the previous work party. With these fires being used to dispose of tree stumps, only a few stumps now remain.

At Pryces Bridge, major excavation works were started. The section under the bridge will be lined in concrete rather than bentonite. The footings for this concrete were dug by machine, which required great accuracy working with heavy equipment in a confined space. To add to the difficulty, the excavations are below the water table, meaning that they will need to be pumped free of water before any concrete can be poured.


jan2010restwrkparty1 jan2010restwrkparty2
Precision excavations under the bridge Smoke rises over a snowy canal
jan2010restwrkparty3 jan2010restwrkparty4
Despite the machinery, a lot of work is still done by hand Some people are so proud of their hedge-laying they record it for posterity
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