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Enhancement Work Party March 2008

Hack Green and Coole Pilate


080313 14 barbridge
Ten members (including shuttle car driver) made up the spring enhancement work party at Hack Green and Coole Pilate.

080313 15 nantwich
Other supplies were loaded at Nantwich wharf

080313 24
Workboat leaving for Hack Green.

080313 30 george
At Hack Green, old bollards were removed, leaving just six for a lock mooring with the idea that we would install nine rings to replace the bollards for a 48 hr mooring site

080314 01 hack green
Unfortunately, the drill was not man enough for the job and we only managed three holes in six hours. The others will have to wait.

080314 08
One of the completed new rings

So then we went to Coole Pilate where our enhancement work parties started thirteen years ago

080315 01 coole pilate
On Saturday, George did some engineering work in the work boat.

080315 02
Paul cut some shuttering.

080315 03
Brian cut some turf.

080315 05
Muriel served us all with tea and sympathy.
Then painted the furniture - three picnic tables.

080315 17
When the engineering, shuttering and turf cutting was complete, Dave mixed some concrete to make the bases.

080316 01 coole pilate
On Sunday we had another tea break and welcomed Duncan Davenport, duty manager with BW.
We inspected our work and tidied up and wended our merry way back towards Hack Green.