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Enhancement Work Parties 2011


Hack Green, Shropshire Union Main Line

March 11-18 2011


  • A new towpath was constructed along the lock pound between locks 1 and 2
  • The lock gates, bollards and lock ladder tops were painted
  • Brickwork was repaired on the towpath under bridge 86
  • New mooring rings were installed north and south of bridge 85
  • The picnic area was cleared of undergrowth and trees trimmed. Four picnic tables were painted, two of which were reset on new concrete bases
  • Milepost 3/36 was repainted
  • Grass seed was sown on the disturbed soil areas
  • Lock signage posts were replaced at both locks, painted and the existing signage replaced
  • A loose lock mooring bollard was lifted and replaced with 2 new lock mooring bollards
  • A bench seat at Audlem was replaced with a new dedicated seat. The old seat was installed on a new concrete base between the two locks.


Thanks to everyone who took part. 26 volunteers contributed 890 volunteer-hours. Thanks also to Brian Holmes, for stepping in at the last moment to run the work party. And thanks, as ever, to Paul Mills who handled all the paperwork and preparatory work.


110317_025_(Small) 110318_012_(Small)

110314dt_078_(Small) 110317_024_(Small)


Coole Pilate, Shropshire Union Main Line

October 14-16 2011

All the tables and benches at Coole Pilate were refurbished. In some cases this included resetting them on a new concrete base. The mooring ring fixings were also checked and adjusted/stabilised where necessary. At the end of the weekend the site was tidied up with new turf and a sprinkling of grass seed.

Many thanks to everyone who took part. 18 volunteers worked all day Friday, and 17 on Saturday. A warm welcome to new volunteers Andy, Geoff, David and Ian - we hope you will join us again in the future. Thanks also to Neville and Roger from British Waterways who made this work party possible, to Paul Mills for doing all the paperwork and to Dave Thomas for leading the work party.


CoolePilateOct2011b CoolePilateOct2011e