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Enhancement Work Parties October/November 2010



October 16 2010

Five volunteers assembled at Calveley, just south of Bunbury Locks on the Shropshire Union main line, to smarten up the exterior of the service area, which gets very heavy use.

The work party was scheduled for the end of the season with a view to minimal boat traffic, and this proved to be the case.  Amongst other work, a lot of repainting was done - both waterpoints, all the mooring bollards, the doors to the pumpout station, the newly installed fence either side of the slipway, and various signposts.  At the request of the waterway supervisor the redundant mailbox was removed from the roadway, as the service depot receive their mail direct.

The consensus of opinion was that it had been a worthwhile work party on a beautiful autumn day, and the service area looked much better as a result of all the work.


calveleyewpoct2010a calveleyewpoct2010b

calveleyewpoct2010c calveleyewpoct2010d



Bridge 11, Middlewich branch

October 30 2010

The Small tasks Unit has been busy again, this time tackling the Flood Weir at Bridge 11 on the Middlewich branch.
3 hours of a Sunday well spent by our member Maurice Ward.

30-10-2010_Flood_Spill-Over_Before 30-10-2010_flood_spill-over_after



Weston Arm, Montgomery Canal

November 13 & 14 2010

11 volunteers on Saturday, 10 on Sunday. Total volunteer hours 150.5.

A very productive weekend with tasks to suit all:

  • Obsolete fencing and unsafe steps removed
  • Repaired and replaced fencing and gates as required
  • Installed 6 mooring bollards at the waterpoint
  • Additional rings installed to extend the visitor mooring
  • Bollards were painted, fencing and gates treated
  • Area outside the service block was cleared of vegetation.

The weather held good for both days, and had it not been for a heavy frost overnight on Saturday, the picnic tables would also have been treated. We also managed to do an offsite task, which was logistically difficult, but with a team of 4 and a pick-up truck, a bench seat was set onto a concrete base at Hampton Bank on the Llangollen Canal. Special thanks went to Yvonne who kept the supply of tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits going continuously. All works have been signed off. Photos below illustrate the tasks in various stages over both days.


weston_arm_nov2010a weston_arm_nov2010d

weston_arm_nov2010g weston_arm_nov2010h