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Enhancement Work Parties June 2010


Tower Wharf, Chester

June 02 2010

Six members and one guest met at Tower Wharf Chester to spend the day on minor refurbishments and enhancement to this somewhat forlorn area. We treated all the furniture, repainted the release valve and water point and extended the ringed mooring by adding 15 additional rings and signage. We also did the preparation for the installation of a new information board (due shortly). This was a good way to spend our time in the sun on what was at the time the hottest day of the year. Our guest was our waterway manager Wendy who was anxious to earn her competency certificate for use of a 3-inch paintbrush. A good day was had by all.

Forty three man hours of volunteer labour yielded:

  • Installation of fifteen mooring rings
  • Installation of sign post
  • Release valve and water point repainted
  • The six items of furniture on site were treated with preservative
  • Preparatory work was done for the future installation of an information board


twharf2010a twharf2010b

twharf2010c twharf2010d

Thanks to the local British Waterways team for assistance with logistics.




June 23 2010

Eight volunteers spent a day in Maesbury to install a new gateway between the field of Canal Central and the towpath. The new gate has made it easier to transport canoes between the field and the canal edge. A number of canoes are available for anyone to use, in return for a donation to the Friends of the Montgomery Canal. Administration is handled by Ian and Fiona at Canal Central.

The task involved removal of a small section of hedgerow, installing 2 gateposts with a concrete threshold, hanging the gate and fitting the gate furniture. Whilst on site we also replaced 2 broken mooring rings on the Visitor Mooring. All materials were transported by our member Mike Johnson and his partner Yvonne on their tug Luckie Mucklebackit. The tasks were completed in the day, despite forgetting that a certain football match clashed with our programmed effort. Still it did not really bother us, the temperature was very hot and lots of drinks were called for.

The gate was provided by The Friends of the Monty and other materials by BW. Thanks to all the volunteers, and to Ian and Fiona for the cream tea at the end of the day!


Maesbury Gate Maesbury Load
The newly installed access gate A well loaded boat