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Enhancement History


The modern-day Enhancement programme started in the early 1990s when the aim of doing work parties on the whole of the S.U.C. system was instigated. In 1992 the Society made a £1000 donation to British Waterways for junction signposts at Trevor, Prees, Hurleston and Chester with the posts being made and installed by B.W.

The first Enhancement work was on the Montgomery Canal and the Society had the help of ‘outside contractors’. Powys Training was established in 1988 to support youth unemployed learners and from 1992 to 1995 worked on remedial tasks around Freestone and Brynderwen locks. Their major contribution was the improvement and repairs to the old transit warehouse adjacent to Brynderwen Lock.

1995 saw the start of one of the Society’s biggest Enhancement projects to date – the creation of an extensive Visitor Mooring at Coole Pilate between Audlem and Hack Green locks where a lengthman’s cottage once stood.

The work entailed vegetation clearance, installing 20 mooring rings, building two brick barbecues and planting trees and shrubs. As with many other sites, the location was not easily accessible with land transport, therefore the Society was grateful for the loan of a BW work boat to convey materials to the site.

A cross section of the Society’s work can be seen below. The Society has installed 76 visitor moorings facilities together with over 300 items of canal furniture as well as painting and maintenance of bridge guards, fishing posts etc, and replacing them where necessary. None of this would have been achieved without the support, both financial and practical, of British Waterways along with local Councils and Funding Agencies.


Coole Pilate Oct 1995 – groundwork around the fencing
Beeston Oct 1996 - installing Mooring Rings
lwf0011 lwf0012
Hurleston 1998 - unloading the work boat
Middlewich Branch 1998 - installing totem post for signage
Middlewich Branch 1998
Fenns Bank 1999 – starting to dig out
Fenns Bank 1999 – ready for the concrete
lwf0017 lwf0018
Llangollen 2001
Knighton 2004


Following this intensive programme, the Society’s focus changed to incorporate minor enhancement work throughout the system, without encroaching on British Waterway’s work, in order to present our waterways in a pristine condition.

A full list of visitor moorings on the SU System Canals can be seen on the Visitor Moorings page.


List of Enhancement Work Parties

Nov-16 + Apr-17 Montgomery Frankton Junction Maintenance
Jun-15 Montgomery Wern Nature Reserve Maintenance
Apr-15 Montgomery Weston Arm Maintenance
Mar-13 Llangollen Hurleston Maintenance
Mar-12 SUC North Beeston Maintenance
Mar + Oct-11 SUC South Coole Pilate Maintenance
SUC South Hack Green Maintenance + towpath improvement
Oct + Nov-10 Montgomery Weston Arm Upgrade Leisure Area
SUC North Calveley Maintenance
Sep-10 Llangollen Gledrid - TyCraig Install Seating
Jun-10 SUC North Tower Wharf, Chester Upgrade VM and furniture
Montgomery Maesbury Upgrade VM
Apr-10 SUC North Christleton (Cheshire Cat) Upgrade VM
Mar-10 SUC South Br 90 - 95, Nantwich Upgrade VMs and furniture
Oct-09 SUC North Tilstone to Beeston Upgrade VM
Mar-09 Middlewich Sykes Hollow Create Leisure Area
Nov-08 SUC North Greenfield lock Hedging and Pollarding
Aug - Oct 08 SUC South Tyrley locks Install ladder tops and bollards
Llangollen Bridges 3W - 6W Install 2 VMs
Jul-08 SUC South Shebdon Replace Milepost
Mar-08 SUC South Coole Pilate
Hack Green
Upgrade VM
Sep-07 Middlewich Branch Br 30-31
Br 31- Wardle lock
Install VM
Install bollards
Mar-07 SUC South Hatton
Gnosall - Norbury
Install VM
Milepost maintenance
Sep-06 SUC North Chester - Ellesmere Port Install 3 VMs
Sep-06 SUC South Bilbrook Install 1 VM
May-06 Montgomery Brithdir, Belan, Berriew Install 3 VMs and furniture
Mar-06 SUC South Knighton Install VM
Apr-05 SUC South Tyrley - Nantwich Maintenance 13 Mileposts
Sep-04 Llangollen Chirk - Frankton Install 5 VMs
Mar-04 SUC South Bridge 42. High Offley
Install 2 VMs
Install milepost 19
SUC South Coole Pilate Extend Mooring
Sep-03 Middlewich Branch Stanthorne, Clive Green, Winsford Top Flash Install 3 VMs
Sep-03 Llangollen Chirk Tunnel - Bridge 28 Install 4 VMs
Feb / March 03 SUC South Adderley - Coxbank Install VMs
Feb-03 Montgomery Maesbury - Gronwen Install 2 VMs
Oct-02 SUC North Caughall Br 134 Install VM
Aug-02 Llangollen Bridge 21 - 25 Install 4 VMs
Sept / Oct 01 Llangollen Ellesmere - Frankton Install 5 VMs
Sep-00 Llangollen Wrenbury- Baddiley Install 3 VMs
Mar-00 Llangollen Bridges 3-5 Install 2 VMs
Oct-99 SUC North Tiverton/Tattenhall Install 3 VMs
May-99 SUC South Audlem, Adderley and Market Drayton Install benches and tables
Mar-99 Llangollen Fenns Bank, Whitchurch
Hampton Bank, Colemere
Install 4 VMs
Middlewich Branch
SUC North
Church Minshull and Cholmondeston
Barbridge, Calveley
Install 3 VMs
Install 3 VMs
Feb-98 Llangollen Whitchurch Install VM
Jun-97 SUC South Tyrley & Market Drayton Install 4 seats
Oct-96 SUC North Beeston Install 3 VMs
Oct-95 SUC South Coole Pilate Install main VM

SUC indicates Shropshire Union Canal (Main Line)