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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - September 2013

September 21 + 22

This work party must have had the most pleasant weather conditions of the year so far. On arrival we were surprised to find the channel almost completely dry, which meant that the pumps saw little service all weekend. The mini Indian summer also ensured dry ground conditions, which greatly helped earth-moving and block delivery. The cause was also aided by another delivery of lining material – this time in a very tasteful shade of what can best be described as ‘off-black’.

The work was spread out over just about the whole of the length of the site. Two activities took place at the extremities but the bulk of the action was concentrated in the middle 60 m of channel near the culvert.

The two outliers were placing stone rip-rap on the offside bank and completion of the grouting of the base of the channel. About 75 m of bank at the Pryces Bridge end received its stone which will, in time, not only suppress boat wash but also become a nature habitat. The grouting of the base of the channel between Redwith Bridge and the compound was completed, meaning that all blocks laid so far have now had this treatment.

The lining gang made full use of the conditions to complete another 25 m; lined, blocked and grouted. This leaves only about 40 m still to do. As is apparent on the images the shaping and lining activities are now within only a few metres of each other.

The shaping gang started work on the final section, that adjacent to the tip slope and the culvert. It was always known that this would be a challenge because of the large amount of construction waste which had been dumped in this area during the construction of the culvert. Just how much rubble there was, and the size of some of the bits, still came as an unpleasant surprise. The image of one of the many dumper loads gives some idea of the material encountered. By the end of the weekend less than 20 m remained to be shaped.

The Society’s Council has agreed to target completion of the length by 12th May 2014. It is likely that the official opening will take place at some time in late May. The Society also plans to have an event for all of the volunteers who have worked on the section. Both promise to be memorable occasions!


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Rip-rap stone
Pumping out for grouting
Liners hard at it
Excavation nears the end. Or middle.
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