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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - August 2013

August 17 + 18

It’s that time of year again! Attendances always tend to dip in August with some volunteers away on holiday and others absent because they are covering for work colleagues who are on holiday. In the event we got a respectable 18 volunteers on Saturday and 15 on Sunday. This, and the non-arrival of the forecast rain, enabled steady progress to be made throughout the weekend.

On arrival on Saturday there was rather more water in the channel than we had bargained for, seemingly as a result of heavy rain on the previous Thursday. Pumping this lot out took most of the morning. While this was happening the lining gang busied themselves in setting out the channel, and demolishing and reclaiming the blocks from the temporary dam at the Pryces Bridge end.

The lining operation got underway after lunch and by close of play on Saturday the last section of the corner had been lined. One of the problems at corners is the amount of liner overlap between adjacent sections that can occur. Given the cost of the liner considerable effort is always made so as to minimise overlap. This takes time. Having negotiated the corner the lining gang went on to record a total for the weekend of 21 m of channel lined and blocked. So the lined length at the Redwith end has now just about overtaken that at the Pryces Bridge end which leaves about 66 m of channel still to do.

The shaping gang were busy in that 66 m and final shaped 20 m of channel bottom on Saturday. On Sunday shaping started on the last 20 m section adjacent to the tip slope. This area promises to be quite a challenge containing as it does a large quantity of random rubble, the culvert, two sumps and the tip access ramp. Work this weekend concentrated on removing surplus material from the channel base and shaping part of the offside bank.

One of the work party traditions is the cakes that are kindly donated for tea breaks. While volunteer numbers might have been down a little this time the quantity of very high quality cakes seemed to reach a record high. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining!


Liners looking pleased after decapitating project manager on skyline
R0011411 448
The advancing blocks
R0011413 448 R0011416 448
The narrowing gap
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