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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - February 2013

February 02 & 03

February 2013 was the work party that wasn’t! The hedge-laying finished in January and the restoration does not start until March, so what did a dozen volunteers do to keep themselves amused for a weekend? The short answer is getting rid of some water, and a few other odds and ends, all with the aim of being able to make a flying start in March.

First the water - an estimated 800 cubic meters of it – a result of the wet weather in the last three months. When work began on Friday the channel was full to almost navigable depth and before any work could start this lot had to be moved. The bulk of the water was pumped through Redwith Bridge into the watered section of canal and this operation lasted two working days. The rest was disposed of via the culvert but in small enough quantities so as not to add to the flooded areas downstream. Four pumps were in operation for most of this time and administering to their various needs was a full time task for a couple of volunteers.

The other major task was burning the remaining hedge-laying brash at Schoolhouse Bridge and tidying up the site. This took most of Saturday for five volunteers. Also on Saturday much of the setting out on the site was checked and any damaged profiles and pegs replaced. The only thing that remotely resembled ‘construction’ was installing a platform made of railway sleepers in the channel bed at the bottom of the tip slope. This is to permit loaded dumpers to change direction easily in the confined space without the risk of throwing a track.

Finally, the judges are delighted to announce the winner of the audition for the Welfare Officer duties for the future shaping work parties which took place during the weekend. Nick was the unanimous choice of the judges. The image captures the ambiance of the dining experience, and the attentive yet unobtrusive personal service which promises to make luncheon at the shaping weekends such a memorable experience. The judges were particularly impressed by the innovative table settings and the fact that the tea was nearly drinkable.


High tide
Low tide
Sleeper rafta
Platform 2
Silver service
DSC03104 448
The winner of January's "Pleach of the Month" award can now be revealed
Some people will do anything to get their picture on the website
November restoration
Dec/Jan Hedge-laying
Next Month


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