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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - July 2012

July 07 & 08

Our regular reader may recall the comments in last month's report implying that the weather must surely improve. The reality was that like April, June's rainfall broke the record for the month. Once again we pumped water out of the channel on the Friday prior to the work party. Unfortunately, all the rain for a 'normal' July fell that day. Quite incidentally, our 'normal' correspondent is unable to file a report this month - he is in exile in an obscure Welsh valley where he will remain until he has seen the error of his ways.

The rain had stopped by Saturday and the pumps were running again first thing. This allowed the work party to get underway with minimal delay, though parts of the bed were thick mud. Sadly, the areas that have been carefully profiled to the final level are most vulnerable to this..

With some of the regulars unavailable this month, we were pleased to welcome two new volunteers on Saturday. We were even more pleased when they came back on Sunday.

The battle to profile the length of offside bank adjacent to our compound reached a successful conclusion on Saturday under the expert command of the Colonel. The result is a transformation of another area of the site in a short space of time. Meanwhile at Redwith Bridge, the Brigadier was opening up a second front of lining and blocking. His motivational techniques included the use of a stunning model and Margaret. Despite the difficult conditions the result looks good and about 20 metres was lined. The figure is not exact because the rain returned mid Sunday afternoon, which caused a hasty retreat.


R0011304 R0011306
R0011317 IMG_0147m
Offside bank near the compound New blocks at Redwith
R0011310 R0011315
Working away from the bridge
Die Panzerkommandantin was reduced to this, Poland out of range
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