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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - November 2011

November 5 & 6


The last restoration work party of 2011 was always going to be a busy one. The Project Manager wanted the towpath finished before the winter for safer use by walkers and a completion of all works started this year. The dry mix grout needed sweeping into all the cracks between the blocks that were laid in the channel in October. The bentonite grout had to be put between the liner and the piling on the towpath side, and then sealed neatly with mortar. The stop plank cill needed fixing under Pryces Bridge in an attempt to keep water from flooding our works. A long job list when the daylight hours were short and the AGM started at 3pm on Saturday afternoon!

Fortunately a good number of volunteers came on Saturday and all the jobs were started but even with volunteers reporting early for duty again on Sunday, by first tea-break it seemed doubtful that the towpath would be finished, even if the other jobs were completed.

If ever a demonstration of team work was needed, what happened for the rest of the day was nothing short of outstanding. Diggers, dumpers, barrows, shovels and rakes (and a fearsome roller) plus and most importantly, all the volunteers using this equipment, worked tirelessly and without complaint with but one goal in mind....the completion of the towpath.

Afternoon tea-break, JOB DONE! One very happy Project Manager (whose job list was now folded in his pocket) and a real sense of achievement amongst the volunteers. However, what the condition of their bodies was come Monday morning is anyone's guess..........

Having just had the works inspection by our friendly BW engineer, the towpath got a special mention in the notes column on the acceptance form, as being a superb job!

Work parties resume at Redwith on March 3rd & 4th 2012. Next year channel shaping and liner/block laying take priority. Please continue to support this restoration which is showing real progress in extending the water a little further (430 metres) towards Crickheath and on to Llanymynech. Donations for the Barrow of Boulders Appeal are still being accepted if you feel you are able to support this work. Many thanks and hope to see as many of you that still can move in March!


Cill Grout
The stop plank cill being prepared under Pryces Bridge Filling the cracks between the blocks with dry mix grout
imgp0805a R0011235_448
Attention to detail Completing the towpath
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