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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - September 2011

September 3 & 4


The September work party was notable for a vast collective effort to finish one major task and prepare for another. It also featured possibly the biggest attendance on record, with more than sixty volunteer-days over two days of yet more good weather. We also made welcome four new volunteers.

Work on the towpath went on for the duration. The new fence was completed along the whole length and the effect is, unsurprisingly, to make it into a more walker and cycle friendly corridor. Certainly several people from both groups stopped to make very complimentary comments.

The surface of the path also received attention. In the first instance it was thoroughly weeded. If anyone has doubts about the dedication of the Society's volunteer this should dispel it, since the task involved kneeling on the rough stone surface and removing the offending plants by hand! The final task was surfacing with stone dust dressing and rolling the surface. The job was made a little easier by the use of one of the diggers and a dumper to transport the material but finishing remained by hand. The rolled stone dust is a very effective surface as demonstrated by the fact that the section finished last time is still in pristine condition undamaged by foot or cycle traffic.

The digging gang were usefully employed on final shaping of the next section of channel to be lined, this being adjacent to Pryces Bridge. Some 25 metres of channel was prepared, and covered, ready for lining work next time. Further preparations took place in the compound with sections of benonite mat and cushioning material cut to size, and space cleared for deliveries of blocks.

Any group of volunteers includes people with diverse talents. One of our number has considerable expertise in playing and umpiring cricket and, accordingly, was allocated the task of driving the heavy roller on the towpath. The image shows Fred in action preparing the longest wicket in Shropshire!


Towpath view imgp0764a
Towpath fenced, levelled, weeded and ready for the top coat Fred rolls on
imgp0758a Prepared channel
Chris is still looking for the shutter release Ready for next month
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