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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - August 2011

August 6 & 7


For what seems like the umpteenth month running we were graced with good weather for the whole weekend. This was something of a mixed blessing since one of the main tasks was work on the towpath and such glorious weather made it very popular with walkers. Additional towpath traffic was also generated by the much anticipated start of work by W.R.G. on the Pryces Bridge to Crickheath section. Many S.U.C.S. volunteers went for a crafty snoop at the goings-on next door and vice versa.

The towpath works involved erection of the new safety fence and levelling and final surfacing of the towpath surface.  Like most good ideas the fence is simple, consisting of stakes attached to the piling and a horizontal strut into which eyebolts are fixed. Rope is threaded though both the Netlon material and attached to the stakes via the eyebolts. The images show the finished fence and the various stages of its construction. Progress was such that some 200 m of fencing was finished during the weekend.

The other towpath gang were equipped with a most ferocious looking, and very heavy, diesel roller. This was used to compact stone dust which formed the final surface of the towpath. The stone dust was transported from the compound by a combination of small dumpers and wheelbarrows - a time consuming and strenuous task.

The channel shaping work again made good progress. The channel bed and towpath side are shaped to 145 m from Pryces Bridge and the larger offside bank to 115 m. There is certainly plenty of channel available for the lining operations which will commence shortly.

On Sunday it was very pleasant to be able to welcome Julie Sharman, the BW Head of Enterprise North & North Wales. She spent several hours with us on a tour of the site and also lent a hand with the towpath works.

The last photo shows the progress on the towpath as seen from Redwith Bridge. Quite incidentally it also shows (centre of image) the talking point of the weekend - our webmaster's new haircut. This will be the Society's entry for the Haircut of the Year Contest which will be held later this year in conjunction with Crufts.


Fencing Fence view
Mk. 2 fence construction Finished fencing
Towpath surfacing Towpath dust
Towpath surfacing More material
Shaping Rose between thorns
Our snapper gets all arty The webmaster is not sure that he deserves this kind
  of abuse and may decide that he is now 'in credit'....
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