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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - July 2011

July 2 & 3


Another work party, another topping-out ceremony! This one marked the completion of the retaining wall and brought to an end stone wall building which commenced on our first day on the site, in March 2008. Just about every volunteer has contributed to the wall construction in some way over this time. At the start only a couple of volunteers actually laid the stones but by the end some 25 had become competent in this task, backed up by the unsung heroes of the mortar mixing and transport gang. The images give some idea of the progress on the retaining wall over the period of construction which has involved excavation, reinforced concrete and blockwork as well as stonework.

The plan is for the erstwhile stone masons to move onto work to complete the towpath in the coming months. As a preparation for this, work started this month on construction of a new method of support for the 'Netlon' plastic fencing along the edge of the towpath. It is hoped that this method will meet with the approval of British Waterways for use both here and elsewhere on the canal system. The new support system will leave the towpath surface unobstructed by fence supports and will permit final surfacing of the towpath to be done.

All of the above excitement threatened to bury, so to speak, news of some excellent progress by the earthworks gang. The dry (and very hot!) conditions again permitted both an impressive output in this department and some excellent suntans. Both sloping banks are now complete to 110 m from Pryces Bridge and the towpath side slope lined with geotextile. A further 15 m of the bottom of the channel, and its associated land drain, was also finished. To complete a good weekend the built-up offside bank in the area of the tip was extended by 10 m.

The final image is one of our occasional series keeping readers up to date with the latest trends in site footwear. Our Welfare Officer cuts a dashing figure in his new calf length tan coloured leather boots with black trimmings. They are oil resistant and fully comply with the regulations in the Tea and Cakes section of the Health and Safety at Work Act.


Retaining wall flashbacks
Wall Footings
October 2008
Blockwork and stonework underway
April 2009
Extending the foundations
Foundations Finished
July 2009
Pouring concrete
July 2011
Final touches
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Fencing modifications Towpath side shaping catches up with off-side shaping
Man at C+A
Man at C&A, 1976
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