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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - June 2011

June 4 & 5


The headline news this month is that the restoration of Pryces Bridge is finished! The last act in this two year effort was the placing and backfilling of the final coping stones. Over this period work included construction of the invert, three substantially new wing walls, and a considerable amount of attention to the brickwork. The image gives some idea of the high quality of the work.

The towpath also came in for some attention with realignment in the area of the culvert being completed. The other work was to fill, with a bentonite paste, some of the fissures in the structure of the towpath bank caused by drying of some of the fill material. The work involved making a bentonite/water slurry which was then poured into the voids. Some experimentation was required to get the right consistency of the slurry and part of this, judging by the appearance of the two volunteers doing the work, involved pouring it onto their own trousers.

Work on the facing of the retaining wall continued. The wall builders, still equipped with their mysterious gazebo, were slightly disappointed not to have finished the work. The main problem was the heat which caused the mortar to dry before it could be used. Completion is promised next time!

One the other hand, the hot dry conditions worked very much in favour of the earthworks gang and contributed to the best ever weekend's output in this department. The offside sloping bank is now complete to 110 m from Pryces Bridge and the smaller towpath side slope complete to some 60 m. Material from both locations, and the bottom of the channel, was used to extend the offside bank in the area of the tip. About 30 m of this structure is finished to date.


Pryces Bridge imgp0490a
Pryces Bridge guard of honour Dirtiest trousers award? Remembering the way to Redwith award?
Happy Birthday Ian!
Redwith retaining wall Shaped Channel
Round the bend on the retaining wall More channel shaping
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