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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - November 2010

November 6 & 7


Last month saw the completion of the wash-wall on top of the piling which runs the full length of the site on the towpath side. This month the wall builders moved to the retaining wall at the Redwith end on the offside which also requires topping with a stone wash-wall. Thankfully, this wall does not run the full length of the site! Because of the time of year, mortar was mixed using a small proportion of a natural binder which causes a more rapid set than lime alone. We hope this will avoid any problems with frost damage.

At the other end of the site the channel profiling continued. Excavating to about 100 mm above final level meant that progress was good and the dumpers were kept busy.

We packed up a little early on Saturday in order to attend the Society's AGM which was held in the village hall at Llanymynech at 15:00. The formal AGM was followed by a talk on regeneration by Jason Leach of BW and then a slide-show of the Society's activities over the year. In the evening, we held a bonfire party at Redwith with the Friends of the Monty. The bonfire was huge and the sausage casserole and mulled wine were much appreciated.

On Sunday, we started work on the drainage around the culvert which is complicated by a nearby spring. The ditch between the spring and culvert was converted into a proper drain and a trench was dug which will link to the main drain when it gets that far.

We also extended the main drain at the Pryces Bridge end in the area that was already roughly profiled. Trenching and profiling simultaneously using two machines was a success and should help to accelerate the profiling operation which is now our bottleneck.


Redwith wall Culvert
Wash-wall construction Drainage work near the culvert
Profiling Trenching
Profiling continues Extending the main drain
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