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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - September 2010

September 4 & 5


The scene was set, 4000 concrete blocks filled most available spaces on site. Parking would be haphazard or even worse! The liner was going down, we thought we knew how, no-one knew how much. We had about 12 metres to go at. Progress was painfully slow on Saturday morning, due to shaping heavy liner and geotextile. The first block was laid at mid-day - the rest of the day followed suit. Sunday was better, with a break to receive a Barrow of Boulders from Saturn which came to Redwith Bridge from the Maesbury Festival.

The blocks arrive What HAVE I done??


Horse power Chain gang


Boulders from Saturn


The blocks spread


Finishing touches They said we couldn't do it, we weren't sure ourselves!
If you haven't already, please give generously to the Barrow of Boulders Appeal.
Thank you, from the (tired) Restoration Volunteers!


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