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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - August 2010

August 7 & 8


Best wishes are sent from all the volunteers to Mike Friend, the Restoration Project Officer, who is currently recovering from an accident at home. He was sorely missed during the weekend.

The stand-in Site Supervisor was armed with a long list of jobs, compiled by Mike, to continue with various tasks and to prepare for laying of liner on the shaped section by Pryces Bridge. Apart from a sharp shower just before lunch on the Saturday, we had a dry but overcast weekend, ideal for completing the required tasks.

The wall builders had the bit between their teeth to try and complete the last section of the battered wall over the weekend. However, it was not to be although the bottom of the wall is complete and there is just a short section requiring the top to be completed. A day or so should see this finished. Rock was moved down from the compound to in front of the offside retaining wall so that the wall builders can move here once the battered wall is completed.

By Redwith Bridge, a tidying up exercise was carried out on the bank between the towpath and the new fence, with 3 big dumper loads of soil being used to fill in some dips and finish grading the bank on the right-hand end, before scattering some grass seed to finish of the bank. The last three posts and rails of the fence were also completed on the Sunday.

The hired excavator was used to complete the new drainage ditch and the old ditch was filled in, roughly levelled and compacted, so that soil excavated from the canal bed can be used to build up the bank in thin layers to the correct height prior to shaping at a later date once the ground has stabilised. The excavator was also used to further sort and move top soil to the side of the tip to ensure that we have plenty of top soil to return the tip area to arable use by the farmer.

Down at Pryces Bridge, the wash walls on the Redwith side were cleaned, underpinned with matching bricks and re-pointed. This improved the integrity of the two walls and also provided a smooth surface for the Bentonite paste to adhere to at the bottom. Further channel shaping took place with a view to ensuring that the French Drain could be extended by 10 metres and to ensure that approximately 15 metres of channel can be lined without interfering with future channel shaping. This was completed and Geo-Textile laid to prevent the completed surface from being damaged by rain and plant growth. This area is now ready for the laying of clay liner and concrete blocks in September to completely stabilise the area by Pryces Bridge that has been a significant challenge due to the amount of ground water.

Next month's work party coincides with the Maesbury '10 Canal Festival. As part of the festival, we will be providing guided tours of the restoration site and those visiting will be able to see this section of liner being laid, plus all the work that has already been carried out. Please support us by visiting the festival, coming to see the restoration and where you can, support our Buy a Barrow of Boulders appeal. Details of the Maesbury '10 Canal Festival are available at www.canalfestival.co.uk.


Batter Wall Geo-Textile roll
Nearly finished! The Geo-Textile arrives. Do you know any good carpet fitters?
Geo-Textile laid Lying down on the job
The first strip of Geo-Textile to be laid Stop Press! Use found for Peter James!
Geo-Textile strip 2 Lined and ready
Second strip of Geo-Textile Ready for the clay liner and approximately 4,000 blocks
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