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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - June 2010

June 5 & 6


Work progressed in 3 main areas:

At Pryces Bridge, preparations for the concrete base were completed. Placement of reinforcing bar for the concrete base was completed, resulting in a fairly complex structure, with two horizontal layers over the entire base, spaced 100 mm apart. These two layers were tied together at the edges, using U-shaped sections, and extended into the extra-deep downstand sections at each end of the base, and also in the middle. This entire structure is then tied in to the walls of the bridge, using more reinforcing bar, to create an integrated, solid structure, suitable for a 21st-century canal. This concrete base will be poured in the next month, which is a big step in finalising works under the bridge.

Adjacent to Pryces Bridge, a French drain was installed to drain the section, which has been constantly waterlogged since work started there. Whatever the weather, this section has always been underwater. Even when pumped dry, within hours the water has returned. The French drain consists of a perforated pipe, sunken into a 600 mm deep trench running along the line of the canal. This trench is lined with a porous geotextile fabric. The drain pipe is then covered with gravel. The drain pipe leads to a sump which is placed about 10 metres from the bridge. Dropping the Society's pump into the sump allows the area to be drained effectively, without the pump being clogged by silt, or being in the way of the heavy machinery.

The wall building team toiled away in the scorching sun on the Saturday, with no shade to protect them. Their efforts saw the completion of the northern section of batter wall. Sadly at the same time part of the southern batter wall section was being demolished. This work, which was continued from the previous month was required for various reasons. Unfortunately due to the movement of the concrete foundation, the wall needed to be rebuilt. Work started on rebuilding this section of wall, and made good progress.

At the spoil heap, further landscaping took place, moving topsoil to one side so that when works are complete it can be used to cover the lower-quality subsoil.


Boing Maggie May
Shropshire's largest mattress Wash wall complete from Pryces to the culvert!
The French drain
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