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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - September 2008

September 5, 6 & 7


September 2008 was the month that our luck with the weather ran out but, despite this, progress was good and a significant milestone reached. Friday was, in weather forecast parlance, a day with continuous heavy rain. However because of Mike's forward planning a lot of useful work was accomplished. We arrived to find an enormous pile of crushed stone (16 tonnes in fact) awaiting transport to the section of completed towpath. Using two dumpers, wheelbarrows and 22 volunteers the pile of stone disappeared by lunchtime. Although those spreading the stone were partially sheltered from the elements by the large hedge those on the dumpers and barrows were not so lucky. The photograph of some of the 150 metres of neatly surfaced towpath shows that the soaking was worth it! Alas those volunteers looking forward to an early trip to the pub were disappointed. The afternoon was devoted to placing large quantities of limecrete at various places on the batter wall and erecting profiles. Isn't there a saying about idle hands..?

The improving weather on Saturday and Sunday, and attendances of 22 and 20 on the respective days, permitted building work on both the vertical wall at Redwith Bridge and the batter wall. As expected W.R.G. had constructed two bays of the Redwith Wharf retaining wall during their August Work Camp. Our work consisted of filling one of these bays with concrete, trimming the blockwork and continuing the stonework facing. By the end of work on Sunday 8 metres of wall had been finished and another 18 metres started.

The headline news from Sunday is that construction of the 30 metres of batter wall over the weekend took us to the halfway point, some 207 metres from Redwith. This was not achieved without a struggle since the line and level of the piling at this point is probably the worst on the whole length. Progress on the lower courses of the wall building is correspondingly slow because three operations are required as opposed to one elsewhere. However, as the photograph shows, we got there!

We had many visitors from the Maesbury Boat Rally over the weekend - sadly only on foot. Much encouragement was received from the visitors together with exhortations to finish and re-water the length before the next Maesbury Rally. We will try!


sept081 sept082
The changing scene at Redwith Bridge The finished towpath
sept083 sept084
Towpath surfacing operations Halfway!
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