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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - July 2008

July 5 & 6


Once again the weather forecast suggested that a considerable amount of the weekend would be spent inside drinking tea! In the event, amazingly, we defied the weather with the sole heavy shower conveniently coinciding with lunch on Sunday. Up to 50 metres of the towpath are being worked on at any one time on the present site.  Unlike a compact site such as a lock, covering this length in a manner which allows work to continue in poor weather is impractical. The best that can be done is to cover the finished product with tarpaulins leaving the wall builders to the mercy of the elements. The attendance was a healthy 38 over the two days. The start of the holiday season and other commitments meant that half a dozen regulars were missing but this was partially compensated for by two welcome new volunteers.

Progress was made on the towpath batter wall with 33 metres completed and a further 27 metres finished to, or above, first course. This takes the wall building to over 150 metres from Redwith - all right, 151 metres to be precise - with the heartening  sight of Pryces Bridge clearly visible from the working area.

The wall building may not be getting any easier physically (at least that is what my knees tell me) but organisationally it is. The latest improvement has been to provide piles of stone from the stockpile at convenient intervals along the canal bed - the result of a 'stone moving day' a couple of weeks ago. This was time very well spent.

The 'before and after' photographs illustrate some of the changes that have been made in the few months that the various organisations have been working on this length of canal. The present view from Redwith Bridge contrasts with that of less than a year ago. The second pair of images taken from the south end of the current worksite is toward Redwith. The seat on the towpath is just visible on the right of the image. The photographs also illustrate how much work remains to be done but that, as they say, is another story. Watch this space!


july2008rw1 july2008rw2
View in December 2006 Work in progress July 2008
july2008rw3 july2008rw4
View from Redwith Bridge August 2007 View from Redwith Bridge July 2008
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