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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - June 2008

June 7 & 8


The June work party was held in weather that was better suited to sitting on a beach than building walls. Despite this progress was excellent - so good in fact that the view of Redwith Bridge from the working area at the start of the weekend was replaced, at the end of work on Sunday, by a view (albeit somewhat distant) of Pryces Bridge. The attendance of thirty-six over the two days helped. Also the experience gained so far has permitted working methods to be refined to reduce physical effort whilst improving both quality of the finished product and speed of working.

Previous Redwith reports have concentrated on the actual building of the walls. This activity could not take place without stone, mortar and limecrete being available adjacent to the working area. Mortar and limecrete is produced continuously through the weekend using our faithful old Liner mixer. This is probably the hardest physical job on the site. For their pains the 'mortar platoon' are the recipients of a barrage of good natured complaints about the timing of delivery and consistency of the mix, dust, and even that the noise of 'their' mixer disturbs conversation at tea breaks. Such is gratitude. Moving stone and mortar around the site is another full time occupation which because of the size and condition of the site must be done using a tracked mini- dumper.

Several volunteers have become skilled drivers of this beast whose use becomes more and more important as work progresses beyond the area of the site compound. The wall building? Some 33 metres of battered wall were finished and 21 metres started over the weekend. This completes about a quarter of the total length.

Being adjacent to the start of the Dingy Dawdle we had a more than usual number of welcome visitors. It was very good to see Gwyneth and Ray Buss, and many of the SUCS contingent from the Dawdle came over the road to say hello.

There are a number of plans for the Society's volunteer effort over the next year or so but all have one common thread - the need to complete the work on the Redwith to Pryces Bridge as quickly as possible. The limiting factor at the moment is mortar and limecrete production, and an additional mixer is being sought. This will enable both to be produced simultaneously and allow more volunteers to build the actual walls. Thus if any lapsed, occasional or potential volunteers feel they wish to make a telling contribution to the restoration, here is the chance. Your canal needs you!


wall mortarplatoon
Progress on wall construction The mortar platoon in action
110meters newsign cropped
110 metres of wall complete Our new sign
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