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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - September 2009

September 5 & 6


Just for once a fine weather forecast met the volunteers arriving at Redwith on Saturday morning. There were several important targets for the weekend. Firstly, to complete the groundworks for a demonstration piece of the channel lining at Redwith Bridge and secondly to complete a section of battered wall and lay stone coping to the retaining wall at Pryces Bridge. These will aid further planned work over the winter. Needless to say, the workforce rose to the challenge.

It was to be the last work party for lime mortar this year. In the autumn of 2008, when we continued to lay stone and then fell foul of a very cold winter with prolonged periods of sub-zero temperatures, we paid the price with a lot of frost damage which will need to be put right.

However, a number of our regular volunteers are also competent hedge-layers and will be swopping their trowels for bow saws and billhooks over the next few months. The aim is to lay about two-thirds of the towpath length between Redwith and Pryces Bridge. This is an important part of the whole restoration and makes a very welcome change of activity. It also means that we are joined by other volunteers who regularly lay hedges during the winter. All the brash from the hedge can be burnt in the channel before profiling and channel works start at Pryces Bridge in earnest next year.

We have arranged that the managing director of the company (Rawell) supplying the lining for the channel, will be on site for the next work party. Volunteers will be trained first hand in the correct use of the product. It is hoped that, with his help, we can complete the prepared section at Redwith Bridge from base to water level.


september2009restworkparty1 september2009restworkparty2
Blockwork on the offside at the Redwith end of the site Completed wall at Pryces Bridge
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