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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - August 2009

August 1 & 2


Despite a forecast for poor weather over the weekend it stayed dry and warm, which allowed for plenty of wallbuilding to be done. Lots of wallbuilding... Enough wallbuilding to ensure that two mixers were working almost non-stop all weekend.

At Pryces Bridge the blockwork retaining wall which had been built in June and filled with concrete to the waterline in July was topped with stone above the waterline, then filled with limecrete. All that remains for this wall is to complete it with reclaimed coping stones.

This means that the wall work at Pryces Bridge is nearly complete, which will allow progress to start on the channel reshaping.

The batter wall at the Pryces Bridge end received more attention, and an additional 25 metres was brought up to full height, making a total of 110 metres completed from Pryces Bridge. At the vertical wall adjacent to the culvert, good progress was made, and the second large stone which marks the transition from vertical wall to batter wall was placed with the aid of the digger.

At the Redwith Bridge end, following the digging and laying of foundations in June and July, the huge blockwork retaining wall was continued. This now follows a gentle curve as we have moved away from the wharf area. A huge length of wall was built, ending only when the entire site had run out of blocks.

At Redwith Bridge part of the restoration plan was brought forward. The eventual plan is to shape the channel, lay a liner, then cover the liner with overburden. A decision was made to start this on a short (5 metre) section. This means that some of the issues which will crop up will be encountered earlier, allowing more time to resolve them. Additionally there will more to see for the visiting dignitaries at the October celebrations. This shaping involved excavating the channel to the correct depth and profile and laying a concrete blinding to smooth the transition from the bridge's profile to the channel profile. Spoil from this excavation was placed opposite the culvert, where the offside bank is being built up. While the level of the offside doesn't appear to be increasing very quickly, the excavations showed that there will be a huge amount of spoil over the length of this section, and once the bed profiling starts properly, there will be enough to complete the offside to the required level.


August2009RestWorkParty1 August2009RestWorkParty2
Curved blockwork retaining wall at Redwith Bridge Vertical wash wall, with newly-placed transition stone on right
August2009RestWorkParty3 August2009RestWorkParty4
Completing the batter wall to full height The start of channel profiling - only 420 metres to go!
The block retaining wall at Pryces Bridge, near complete
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