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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - July 2009

July 4 & 5


After the soggy conditions of the June work party, it was nice to have a much warmer weekend for the July work party, even if it was interrupted by two brief but heavy showers. Work this month took place in three main areas. As lime mortar can only be used in fair weather, and the Pryces Bridge end needs to be completed before the heavy machinery can move in, the batter wall was worked on by a large team, who concentrated on finishing the wall to its full height.  By the end of Sunday, the 85 metre point (from Pryces Bridge) had been reached, which means 40 metres was finished in a single weekend!

At Pryces Bridge, the offside retaining wall which had been started last month was worked on by two volunteers, who laid engineering brick below the waterline and reclaimed brick to match the existing wall above the waterline. All that remains is for bull-nosed bricks to be laid as coping stones to complete this wall.

Elsewhere, preparations were made for a very large concrete delivery. Concrete is used for the foundations of the blockwork retaining walls, found adjacent to Redwith Bridge, with a smaller wall at Pryces Bridge. These foundations are reinforced with steel and have a deep heel at the back to stabilise them further. Once the blockwork wall has been built it is then filled with concrete to increase the all important mass. The quantity of concrete used means that practically the only solution is to have ready-mixed concrete delivered to site and pumped into place..

The excavation of the foundations for the 45 metre length of wall at Redwith Bridge had been started the previous month, and were completed this month. Again this meant that huge quantities of spoil had to be removed, which will be used to build up the offside bank adjacent to the culvert. As the foundations were dug, shuttering was put in to retain the concrete, and create spaces for expansion joints. Steel reinforcing mesh was bent to the correct shape and positioned ready for the concrete to be poured.

Saturday night saw a social barbeque held at the Llanymynech heritage area. We were treated to a guided tour by Tony Beardsell from the Llimeys. This proved very interesting, and it's encouraging to see that other heritage groups are as keen to see the canal restored as we are!

The Wednesday after the work party weekend saw several volunteers return to assist with the concrete pouring. 45 cubic metres of concrete were poured, and the team worked very hard with the large pump and vibrator, ready to ensure that progress on the next phase of the block retaining wall can carry on at full speed.


july2009restworkparty1 july2009restworkparty2
Is it level yet? Brian is happy in his work
july2009restworkparty3 july2009restworkparty4
Backfilling the battered wall Newsflash: Mike gets hands dirty!
Ian does the Iron Bending Jig
Our Chairman gets to grips with the vibrator
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