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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Reports - 2006, Crickheath

February 04 + 05

We had one of the biggest volunteer turnouts ever and an enormous amount of vegetation was cleared for the majority of hte length we are interested in. After much deliberation, we have decided to split the site basically in half at the bridge, and progress with two seperate projects. The first will be the Redwith side, ready to connect with the main system and provided a much needed winding hole as the next phase of the restoration approaches. The wharf itself will follow on as funds allow.


August 05 + 06
September 02 +03
October 07 + 08
November 04 + 05

We re-started work on site the first weekend in August, after the opening of Newhouse Lock. The site is now established with tool containers, storage compound and welfare cabin. During the early work parties volunteers steadily cleared the area of vegetation to allow safe access to all parts of the site, whilst awaiting the result of a bid for Heritage Lottery Funding. October brought good news that the bid was successful.

Over the winter the different aspects of the project will be discussed with British Waterways and a programme of works drawn up. For the last work party we engaged a sub-contractor to assist our chainsaw operators in removing the trees throughout the site. The difference in the site is (we hope) clearly shown in the two pictures below.

Because the face of the Montgomery Canal Restoration is now changing, we have had to acquire new skills and equipment to match these needs. To that end, two volunteers now have certificates for chainsaw operation and four have recently gained accreditation to allow them to use the newly acquired Society digger, henceforth known as Big Arthur! We have been instructed in the use of lime mortar and early next year we are also to receive training for stone wall building by a British Waterways commissioned consultant.

Crickheath is a very big site with many different types of work and can therefore accommodate a considerable number of willing volunteers! We are always happy to see new faces, if only for an hour or two, so think about joining us for some work parties next year.


February 2006

November 2006


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