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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - October 2007

October 6 & 7


October 2007 will go down as the weekend when the first two major sections of work on the site were finished. This achievement and abundant evidence of progress elsewhere, made it a notable weekend. The thirty-five volunteers made use of perfect conditions to complete both the heritage wharf and the visitor mooring.

The last few coping stones of the heritage wall were fixed together with the final pointing of the face. In addition backfilling and levelling of the actual wharf was completed.  It was a similar story on the visitor mooring. The face was completed on Saturday and the coping, french drain, pointing and backfill duly polished off on Sunday.

A start was made on the winding hole. The location of the edges had previously been pegged out and the task on both days was to provide a level surface to aid the accurate location of the piles. This was a more complicated task than it sounds since although most of the proposed line was on dry land, about fifteen metres or so was in a watered section.


Heritage wall completed!


Making up the level in these sections with fill required a great deal of skilful digger driving to deal with steep gradients and the proximity of some deep water.

The requirement to backfill the walls posed a problem of how to move large quantities of spoil or aggregate around the site. The problem was solved by using technology that would have been familiar to G W Buck himself - wheelbarrows! The modern refinement was the use of the digger to load three barrows side by side so eliminating time consuming (and backbreaking) manual loading. Using six barrows large quantities of loose material were shifted very quickly.

There was also considerable progress to report elsewhere between Gronwyn and Crickheath. The re-watering of the Gronwyn/Redwith section is imminent. W.R.G. spent the weekend finishing the approach walls to Pryces Bridge, and BW contractors have felled all remaining trees between Pryces Bridge and our site. Quiet a change in a few months!


Visitor mooring also finished!


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