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Montgomery Canal Restoration Work Party Report - September 2007

September 1 & 2


Maybe it was the two horseshoes that were discovered during the course of the weekend which kept our lucky run of dry work parties going. It was apparent that only a few miles further north torrential rain was the order of the day. Good use was made of both the conditions, and the thirty-five volunteers, to push on both the wharf wall and the visitor moorings.

By late on Sunday the wharf wall was nearly up to full height give or take a few (very large) coping stones. A "topping out" ceremony is promised for the for next work party and there is speculation that this will include appropriate heritage attire! This will not however be the end of the work on the wharf wall as the lower level must now be cleaned and re-pointed. A trial excavation indicated the considerable depth of accumulated silt that must be removed from the front of the wall as a preliminary to this work. Excellent progress was also made on the visitor mooring wall. About 75% of the face of the wall is complete together with some 50% of the "french drain" located behind the face.


Wharf wall nearing completion


Three mixers were kept gainfully employed throughout the weekend producing large quantities of lime and cement mortar, and concrete.

One of the interesting minor diversions of canal restoration is discovering long lost artefacts in the silt. As well as the horseshoes we have found coal by the side of the wharf (presumably from the days of working boats), bits of tramway rail, a variety of bottles and the remains of tools. At a more mundane level the silt contains a useful quantity of rubble some of which has been cleaned and reused on the visitor mooring wall.

We had a further site visit to the Gronwen/Redwith length and saw the substantial progress that has been made on channel works, lift bridge and bank protection. It was also interesting to note that some exploratory work had been done on the Redwith/Pryces Bridge section. The sight of all of this spurs us on at Crickheath.


Progress on the north end of the visitor mooring


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