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Montgomery Canal Restoration Archive - Pryces Bridge to Crickheath


2014 to date

The site runs from Pryces Bridge to Crickheath (Bridges 84 and 85), approximately 800 metres.

Phase 1A - June 2014 to date

CRT's first application for a newt licence was rejected by Natural England in October 2014. Following a second application, NE granted a licence for the first 85 metres from Pryces Bridge in May 2015. This was followed by a period of newt trapping and searching, which allowed us to start work in the channel in September. The main tasks for 2016 were the construction of a wharf wall and the re-construction of a culvert at a lower depth.

Phase 1B - August 2016 to date

Enabling work for Phase 1B began in August 2016 with the construction of compensatory newt habitat to allow a newt licence application for a further 115 m. This licence was granted in February 2017.

Work Party Reports


Please see the main Restoration page for this year's reports


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Restoration Review 2016
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