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Spring Bank Holiday Lockwind - Friday 26 to Monday 29 May
August Bank Holiday Lockwind - Friday 25 to Monday 28 August

at Cholmondeston Lock on the Middlewich Arm of the Shropshire Union Canal.

If you would like to volunteer, please ring Gill and Clive Robertson on 07801 344646



August 2013

On the last morning of the August 2013 lockwind it was apparent that there was a greater amount of water flowing out from below the bottom gates than usual. So as not to disrupt boat traffic, C&RT decided to close and drain the lock later in the week and carry out the work in the late evening. It was found that the cill of the bottom gates was damaged and this was repaired overnight. The photos show the work being carried out late at night.


night1 night2


August 2011

Typical lockwind weather, but fortunately it chose to rain mainly at night and in short bursts during the day. The lockwind was extremely well supported by boaters, Society members and British Waterways, with Wendy Capelle and Neville Preece both visiting twice.

One boat crew which had enjoyed the experience of passing down the lock and the work done by the Society decided to bake for us. On their return the following day, they produced a large plateful of scones and jam. They were delicious!

A total of £2,676 was raised, as 281 boats were wound through Cholmondeston Lock during the course of the Bank Holiday weekend.
Many thanks to everyone involved, for helping to make this such a happy and successful weekend.


aug2011a aug2011b


May 2011

When it wasn't raining, it was blowing. The fierce wind blowing along the cut from Barbridge caused us to double the guy lines on the marquee and gazebo; we've never had to do that before.

Most of the weekend we had rain and wind, sometimes both together, but a break in the weather on Monday afternoon gave us the opportunity to put dry equipment and goods away for next time. We never had much of a queue and there were times we ran out of boats.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who, over the course of the four days, wound 212 boats through the lock and took nearly £2,500 - a superb effort.


August 2010

The excellent results for the August 2010 Lockwind were:

we wound through 220 boats
we raised £2,590
we clocked 882 volunteer hours.

Thanks to all who gave their time in one way or another, this was the 3rd highest recorded total for a lockwind and brings our accumulated total to £66,058.


August 2010 Lockwind


May 2010

A Slightly Dampened Spring Lockwind

The May Bank Holiday Lockwind raised over £2,000 in total. Despite the changeable weather, a total of 198 boats were assisted through Cholmondeston Lock over the weekend. An excellent turnout of members to this event helped overcome the slightly dampened spirits which set in on the Saturday.

After a brilliant start on Friday, boat numbers were almost the same as last year and our champion executive salesman Fred Archer (Mr. Marmalade) was anticipating running out early. Alas this was not to last as on Saturday the revenge of the heavens gave us the impression that all boats had been recalled. Traffic was minimal and Fred started to worry about left over stock. Our waterway manager Wendy Capelle arrived to cheer things up and say hello and remarked on what an enthusiastic team we had and how well it ran. She was very lucky in obtaining the last jar of Pickled Onions (which I have since heard went down very well). Sunday and Monday brought out both boaters and general public. Fred remained busy chasing after anyone who crossed the road bridge with marmalade in one hand and leaflets in the other. Few escaped as all efforts were made (eventually successfully) to sell out of the famous delight before packing up at 5pm on Monday.

All in all an excellent social occasion with more members staying for the whole weekend. Very little queuing occurred and the weekend enhanced our funds by over £2,000, raising the running total for this event to over £63,000 since 1992. We hope to meet up again in August and I can report that the Marmalade miners are already very busy replacing stock for Fred. Thanks to everyone who came and lent a hand in one way or another.




August 2009

The August Bank Holiday Lockwind was a great success, raising a total of £2,695. Despite the problems at Shebdon, a total of 255 boats passed through Cholmondeston Lock over the weekend. Sales of produce were excellent (vast quantities of apples, plums, beans, tomatoes and courgettes had been donated) and a lot of boaters made very generous donations accompanied by comments about how much they appreciated the Society's efforts in providing ringed mooring sites, picnic tables and so on. Well done everyone!


Dino De Laurentiis eat your heart out


August 2005

A total of 283 boats were locked through over the four days and the sum of £2,400 was raised for the Society to spend on enhancement works on the Shroppie.

Since the Lockwinds started in 1992 the Society's funds have benefited by no less than £35,000 from this fund-raising event held on the two summer Bank Holidays of each year. The Society is extremely grateful to Paul Mills for having organised them all.


img_03111 img_03122
How much to let me out? Putting their backs into it
Waiting in the rain


Whit 2004

Several hundred boats were locked through during the weekend most of whom left with marmalade on board thanks to the efforts of Fred Archer who rivals Arkwright in his selling ability.

Members also donated cakes and handicrafts to be sold and the weekend added in excess of £1,700 to the Society's funds, helped by the mostly fine and sunny weather in contrast to the rain which had been forecast.


img_00741 img_00763
Rosie, probably the smallest helper at the Lockwind Fred Archer sells yet another jar of marmalade
img_00775 img_00797
A line of willing helpers makes light work of the gate Another boat passing through the lock safely


August 2003

Waterworld filming at the August 2003 Lockwind